Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm attaching pictures of two cards. I didn't make these. but purchased them in a couple of grab bags of cards at Stamper's Ink used stamp sale this past weekend. The colors are so bright and cheery.
In the used stamp sale, Tanya had placed 10 cards in packages and sold them for $5.00. I bought many packages and the above two are my favorites. I have a lot of cards I have to put onto new cards stock, but my inventory of cards has definitely increased. The cards in the packages were from make n takes, class samples, and vendor samples. A lot of them have glue or tape on the back and that's why I've got to add different card stock to them.

The stamp sale was Friday and Saturday and I worked both days. I haven't worked two eight hour days since I retired in February and I felt it. Friday after standing at the cash register most of the day, I came home stiff and sore. I headed out to turn on the hot tub. Drats! The breaker had blown. So out to the box I went and turned the breaker back on. I checked the temp and it was only 86 degrees. I waited until the temp was back up to 100 and then was into the tub. Ahhhhh....I felt the stiffness and soreness leave my body.
Saturday wasn't so bad as I was able to sit at the store most of the day helping Tanya with the used stamp sales.

That was an experience. I saw one lady load up three baskets with "used" merchandise. Her bill was over $300 and the crazy thing is, I know that wasn't the largest total sale.
All in all, I enjoyed the experience.Tanya complemented me on how I handled the customers on Friday. She was happy with sales I was able to produce.
I guess I'll start working on those other cards. I'll be heading over to Ameristar to play my favorite poker game (Omaha Hi-Lo) tonight at 6 p.m. So if I want to accomplish something today I better get started.
God's blessing all!

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