Sunday, January 27, 2013

Double stamping

Happy Sunday all!

Today we had a little rain here in Kansas City.  I wish it was more as we really need it.  I know the farmers in western Kansas are really concerned about their winter wheat crop.  I pray that this year won't be as dry as last year! 

Today I'm sharing two cards that I made yesterday at a get together with my Stampin' Up demonstrator and one of my good friends, Leanne Gorsuch.  I credit/blame Leanne for my hobby of paper crafting.  She got me started with this hobby back in July of 2007.   All it took was her to explain to me how to get different colors onto a stamp and I was hooked!  

Earlier in the week, I had shared a card with Leanne that I had found on Pinterest.  I told her I was interested in buying the set.  I had planned to ask her how the card was created as I wasn't sure of the technique that the card designer had used.  I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when Leanne decided to teach the technique (double stamping) to us. 

It's really very simple.  First you have to cut the small square of white card stock.  Then you place it on to the main piece of card stock that will contain the entire image.  Then you stamp onto both pieces of card stock.  You then color the image.  This time we sponged the inks onto the image.  You then remove the small square from the main image.  You then cut a square of colored card stock larger than the small square of white.  Adhere the small white square onto the colored square.  Then adhere the both of them to the main image.  Remember which part of the small image is up. 

I really had fun with this techique and yep, I did buy the stamp set that was used on the card that I saw on Pinterest.  I can see me using the new to me technique in the future.  

Take care everyone and God bless! 

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