Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spooning under the moon

Happy Thursday everyone!

Today's cute card contains an image from Crafter's Companion.  I just love the dog and the cat together.  It reminds me of how Gizmo and one of the cats from the basement are best of buddies.  The cat actually looks for Gizmo.  That cat usually has nothing to do with me, but when Gizmo is on my lap, the cat comes up too. 

The moon has been airbrushed.  In the class last Saturday at The Scrapbook Page, I thought I was short an image.  However, Barb Foster, the class instructor used my image to show the Copic 101 class how easy it is to airbrush.  Makes me want to find my system and do some airbrushing myself. 

Take care everyone and God bless!  

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