Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pictures from my backyard

 Pergola with honeysuckle and a planter of million bells petunias.  All ready for when the hummingbirds show up. 

Another view of the pergola with honeysuckle on both sides.  The honeysuckle on the left is called Alabama Crimson.  Sorry I don't remember the name of the honeysuckle on the left.  
My Don Juan roses.  This climbing rose was one of my grandmother's favorite.  It just had to be in my yard.  
 The peony in the front is called Kansas.  When I saw it out at Bannister Gardens nursery, I knew it had to have a home in my yard.  After all, I live in Kansas. 
Another peony...don't know the name.  I love the yellow in the center.  Have you ever seen a yellow peony.  Well there still quite new and expensive.  Since I couldn't afford a yellow one, I got a red and yellow one :) 
 Here's the water garden.  You can see that my water lilies are already in bloom and so is the water iris. 
 A close up of the water iris. 
 Another view of the water garden.  The orange spec in the center of the picture is one of my goldfish. 
Hi everyone.  Today I'm showing pictures of my backyard.  I hope you all don't mind the departure from making cards. 

Some of you may know that in 2003 we had a tornado hit our neighborhood.  We were lucky as we had more landscaping destruction then home destruction.  That tornado took so many trees that we went from a shady backyard treat to a very sunny location.  In 2005, we decided to add a water garden to our backyard.  I love it. 

I took these pictures on Thursday shortly after my neighbor had mowed.  I love how my yards shortly after mowing.  The weeds aren't as noticeable. 

Thanks for viewing my photos.  Have a great weekend and God bless! 

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