Monday, May 21, 2012

Here's another card I made this past week using the Poppy die from Memory Box.  My friend Julie Case had designed a similar card so I just had to copy it.  I love the ribbon technique, but I think I need more practice getting it down right the first time.  Now it's having a problem of staying as I put it.  Guess I'll have to use some glue dots to get it to stick right.  Of course I could pull it off, start over by laying down some more double sided tape. 

Yesterday at church one of the members told us the story behind the sale of the poppy by veterans.  Now I'm going to have to look it up and copy it as I think it would be a nice touch to put into a card with this die on it...but make the poppies orange with green stems. 

I love the silver paper I've used on this card.  I had a 12 x 12 sheet and it's from Hot off the Press.  I know that as it had a sticker on the back and I didn't notice it when I tried cutting more intricate dies.  I just wish I could remember where I bought the paper as I want some more of it.  Well at least I know I only buy card stock at a few places here in town.

The sentiment stamp is from Penny Black. 

Have a great day and God bless! 

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