Saturday, October 12, 2013

Calm Christmas

Hi everyone! 

My apologies to all as I really had hoped to post this card on Thursday.  However, my USB cord I use to transfer pictures from my camera to my computer bit the dust.  I don't know if I stepped on it and crushed the end that goes into the camera or if Gizmo had crunched on it, but either way it was toast.  I then went out to the computer store on Thursday to get a new cord.  I thought I had purchased the right one, but when I got home, it did not fit.  I didn't have time on Friday to go to the computer store so I waited until today.  

I tried exchanging the cord I bought, but I couldn't find one with the correct piece to go into my camera (I had my camera with me).  So I was directed to the store's camera department and lucky for me I got a gentleman who knew his camera stuff.  He looked at my camera and knew right away that the store did not have what I needed.  He told me about another store not too far away that might have what I needed.  I wasn't too happy because what if the other store didn't have what I needed either so I told the salesman that all I wanted to do was transfer photos from my camera to the computer.  He then suggested a Card Reader/Writer.  I was afraid of what they would cost, but boy did I get a pleasant surprise.  The card reader was much cheaper than the USB cord.  So I happily went to the exchange disk and got a refund for over $15.  

The only trouble I had was trying to figure how to get my memory card out of my camera.  Once I googled it, I found out how simple that was too.  Just push down on the memory card to eject.  So I learned a lot about my camera and computers today.  

Today's card is almost all Stampin' Up products.  The only things that aren't Stampin Up are the white card stock and the pearls.  The stamp and sentiment are from the Calm Christmas set.  

I was at a Stampin Up! get together today and I took this card along with others with me and one of the other ladies ordered four of my cards.   That always makes me feel really good. 

Take care all and God bless!  

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