Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lovely Asters

Now I like snow, but the weather outside is frightful!   That's two winter storms here in the Kansas City within five days of each other.  Also, each storm has been different.  The one last Thursday was a dry snow and this most current one is a wet snow.  It only got down to 31 last night.  The snow was really beautiful on the trees and bushes.  However, with a wet snow several areas of town have had power outages.  Blessedly I haven't had to deal with that.  

So now let's think spring or summer.  Here's beautiful card that I made last Wednesday at Ink, Paper, Rubber in Overland Park, Ks.  It was from their die cut class and I got to admit that this is the card that drew me into the class.  Anything blue always catches my eye  and I especially like the blue/yellow combination.  It uses several die cuts from Memory Box:  Lovely Aster, Chesapeake Circle and butterflies from the butterfly border.

As look out my window from my craft room, I see the snow falling off the trees.  Oh well, natural beauty sometimes is short lived.

Take care all and God bless!     

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